Environmental Home Assessment

The home environment is one of the largest overlooked contributors that negatively impact human health.

When people think about chemicals in their environment they often fail to consider the daily exposure to toxic substances and chemicals that reside in their home, which makes contact with the skin,such as laundry detergent, soaps and cosmetics. Even such fundamental prerequisites for life as water and air are often polluted and we don’t even know about it. Our sleeping location is perhaps the most critical to consider because during the night the body detoxes, regenerates, and restores immunity and it cannot do that if it is burdened by excessive toxicity.

It is a sad fact that the world is currently facing an epidemic of chronic disease, much of which is neurological in nature. According to the EPA there are over 80,000 chemicals that are in use today but less than 1,000 have been studied for their toxic effects on humans. Indoor pollution is now recognized as one of the most serious environmental risks to human health.

We will work with you to create a healthy environment in the following areas:

  • Discuss sleeping environment and recommendations for improving it
  • Assessment of currently used household chemicals and recommendations for healthy substitutes
  • Evaluating personal care and beauty products and recommending healthy substitutions
  • Assessment of air and water quality, followed by the search for possible solutions to improve both
  • Evaluate electromagnetic and microwave radiation in your sleeping location with solutions to mitigate adverse effects
  • Provide information on possible solutions for identifying and treating toxic mold indoors
  • Evaluation of current and proposals for new biodegradable materials and chemicals for use in home gardens or farms
  • Evaluating small appliances and electronics that could adversely affect your health and recommending safer alternatives.
Under request we may also:
  • Assistance in buying a new home or land from a biological point of view to ensure the best possible environment for your health
  • Analysis of the location of the future home to ensure that there is no significant negative impact on the health of the environment and to anticipate possible risks that also affect the market value of housing
  • Analyze construction and refurbishment materials and advise on more environmentally friendly options within budget constraints to ensure optimal use of funds;