Physical Assessment

A complaint-focused medical examination allows us to correctly assess your current health status.

Many complaints require additional medical examination, just like in any other clinic. These exams are much more detailed and tailored to your specific problem. In addition to the annual head-to-toe general health check-up, we do a much more focused check-up, looking at anything that might affect or result in your condition. We are also looking for any serious or life-threatening conditions that may have appeared recently and that will require immediate treatment or referral to another Health Care Practitioner. Throughout the process, we will be happy to explain our findings to you and answer any questions about the process.

Some aspects of the physical exam you can expect include:
  • Measurements of blood pressure
  • Measurements of temperature, respiratory rate, pulse and oxygen saturation
  • Regional examinations pertinent to your case such as; skin, lungs, heart, abdominal, eyes, ear, nose and throat, etc.

We will use the results of the medical examination to supplement or verify all the information that we have collected so far. This will help you more accurately diagnose and formulate a comprehensive treatment plan.