Initial Intake and Follow Up Visit

It allows for the time needed to fully understand your case while follow up visits.

Initial Intake

The initial intake consists of an in depth dive into your health concerns. The appointment lasts 60 - 90 minutes which gives us plenty of time to go through your health history and the reason why you are seeking treatment today. We will have a discussion about your diet, lifestyle, environment, family history, occupation and work environment, just to name a few.

We encourage our patients to come prepared and with the following:

  • Past blood work and imaging
  • List of medications
  • List of supplements
  • List of pre-existing conditions
  • Completed Intake Forms and Consent Forms.

This will help us better understand your health problems and find the best treatment approach for you.

At the end of your first appointment we will know what additional information we need to obtain in order to design your complete and individualized treatment plan. An example of items that we might look for are:

  • Additional laboratory tests
  • Physical exam.
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Specific Questionnaires

General advice specific to your case will be given at the end of this appointment. However, a more detailed and comprehensive treatment plan will only be given on your 1st follow up visit.

Second Appointment (1st Follow Up)

This appointment is booked for when you have completed all of the tasks that were decided upon after the initial consultation. This includes completing any questionnaires or receiving the results of laboratory tests. At this point, you should sign up for 60 minutes session where we will discuss all of our findings, analysis and recommendations based on all the material we have collected so far. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and identify goals which will help us find the most effective and convenient treatment plan for you.

Additional follow-up visits will be scheduled on a case-by-case basis, while a short telephone or video consultation may be offered to answer simple follow-up questions.