Nutritional Assessment

By looking at a number of key symptoms and tests, we can assess your overall nutritional status.

Diet, nutritional intake, lifestyle, medical and family history are key contributors to health. These are often overlooked in the conventional delivery of care but they can significantly impact the progression and outcomes of any disease.

Once all data is collected taking into consideration:

  • Presenting symptoms and complaints
  • Findings of laboratory investigations
  • Diet & supplement analysis
  • Lifestyle considerations
  • Medical history considering any pre-existing conditions
  • Genetic predisposition

We assess the patient's overall nutritional status. This will allow us to make recommendations for:

  • Improve overall nutritional status
  • Strengthen the function of your immune system and increase your ability to withstand infectious stress
  • Increase the body’s natural ability to detoxify
  • Boost the body’s energy production
  • Improve and stabilize mood
  • Strengthen brain function and improve memory