Pediatric Conditions

Naturopathic medicine can help raise a healthy child and treat many childhood illnesses.

NDs can provide age-appropriate lifestyle advice to help raise healthy children, and can also help treat many common childhood conditions such as ear infections, various skin conditions and seasonal respiratory conditions in a natural way. It is very beneficial for parents and children to meet with a naturopathic doctor (ND) for regular health checks.

Prevention of the development of many diseases is possible precisely thanks to such visits. Often the diagnosis speaks of an existing problem. The sooner the symptoms of a developing disease are identified, the easier it will be to prevent it.

One of the main reasons for visiting an ND for a thorough check-up is because the doctor has the opportunity to spend more time with the child, which helps to better understand the child's needs. Lack of sleep, unbalanced diet and lack of regular physical activity can negatively affect an adult, but it is all immeasurably worse for a growing child. Regular ND visits can help diagnose new mental and physical health problems. If necessary, NDs can refer to another Health Care Practitioner.

Here are some examples of the benefits of such regular visits:

  • Parents and the child can ask questions of interest and get comprehensive answers
  • The doctor can give age-appropriate recommendations for healthy eating
  • The doctor has the opportunity to interest the child in a healthy lifestyle
  • Working with NDs can also prevent overuse of antibiotics when treating a child, as well as help restore the child's microflora if they have used antibiotic treatment in the past

NDs don't just treat a child's conditions like eczema or asthma but they try to find the root cause of these problems. This could be food intolerances, a lack of certain nutrients, or triggers around the child. By correcting the underlying problem, parents can partially or completely eliminate many of the child's health problems.

For children with already diagnosed chronic diseases, a more comprehensive and individual approach to the treatment of acute diseases is extremely important. Examples of common childhood chronic conditions include Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity(ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD), long-standing digestive problems, headaches, and anxiety.

It should also be added that many of these chronic conditions can also be effectively treated with a holistic naturopathic approach. This approach can help to cope with the problem without medication, or to minimize the amount of medication used. Which helps to decrease the possibility of side effects when using pharmacological treatment